Roadmap to Hotel Ownership Mastermind

Become a Profitable Hotel Owner from Scratch


(Without The Throbbing Headache of Dealing with Marketing and Management on Your Own)


We provide all of the necessary resources, guidance, tools and funding sources you will need to flourish as a Hotel Owner (or investor) in 2021 and beyond. 

Here's What You'll Get Immediate Access to:



& Prerecorded Sessions

Participate on our weekly calls to listen to industry experts and get your questions answered. 

1-Year Access to Content

Complete an intensive course where you will learn how to acquire, invest, analyze deals, build a team and develop your ownership thesis. 


Professional templates to assist you during your hotel aqcuisition process. 

Scalable Process

Learn capital raising techniques and basic commercial real estate principles to expand your real estate portfolio.

What's inside the 

Roadmap to Hotel Ownership Course

Course Curriculum

6 Month intensive course training which includes weekly topics, such as: how to acquire hotel assets, assemble a team, analyze deals, and execute your investment strategy.

Live Sessions

Pre-Recorded sessions with instructors and hotel experts to answer your questions and dive deep into the course materials.




Join like-minded investors in our private Facebook group for additional support and resources!




Month Course Curriculum  

  • Month 1

    Introduction, Discussion on Key Performance Indicators, Asset Classes, Developing Ownership Thesis, and Assembling Your Team

  • Month 2 

    Submitting an Offer Due, Diligence/Investment Analysis/Capital Stack

  • Month 3 


    Syndication/Legal Contracts/Contract Execution

Meet Your Main Instructors

The Roadmap to Hotel Ownership instructors together have 20+ years of real estate and hotel experience. Your instructors have a passion to increase the percentage of Black hotel owners.

Davonne Reaves

Hotel Investor/Consultant

Davonne Reaves is the founder and chief hospitality strategist behind The Vonne Group. She is an award-winning hotel consultant, a hotel asset manager with over 14 years of experience in the lodging industry, and a published author. 

Omari Head

Hotel Broker

Omari Head is a hotel broker with over 15 years of hospitality industry. During his time as a hotel broker, Omari has transacted over 140 hotels. 

​Buying rentals would give people a place to live buying a hotel will change somebody's life.

Thank you, Davonne.


"I can't say that I would have ever considered hotel ownership as something I could achieve and now it's possible. It is done we are making an impact. Buying rentals would give people a place to live buying a hotel will change somebody's life." 

Acquania Escarne

Wealth Strategist

Davonne is awesome when it comes to hotel investing & consulting!


"Her passion for helping people of color is seen in her elementary approach to simplify what may seem overwhelming for a person unsure of real estate. Davonne is personable & always makes me feel like I have it in me to see this through! I hope more people get into Hotel Investing & create generational wealth. Not only create wealth but change lives along the way! I would recommend Davonne 100 times if I could!!! She is just that amazing!"

Azari Jones

Project Manager

$15,000 Value


Course Curriculum













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When does the masterminf start and finish ?

The course will start on Thursday August 12th at 7:30pm EST. This is a weekly course for 3 months. 

How long do I have access to the course and templates ?

Is there a refund for the course

Are the sessions LIVE ?

What is the Roadmap to Hotel Ownership Mastermind?

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